“There is  weariness in our humor over the excuse  that ‘change takes time’. Change takes time, apparently, because nobody out there  is paying attention. Change takes time because we have to say everything about four hundred times. Poet Audre Lorde yearned for the day when it would no longer be necessary “to reinvent the pencil every time you wanted to send a message.” Change takes time because we are so busy with the nets to catch the casualties as they topple from the pedestal, with shelters and crisis centers to hot lines, that we barely have time  to address the roots of the problems. Nodoby knows better than the feminists who are trying it that change takes time.

In truth, it isn’t change that takes so much time.

Resistance takes time”





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Faccio stand up comedy in Inghilterra ed è in questo spazio che ho iniziato a scrivere e a sperimentare testi comici


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