Traveling lovers. I hate traveling lovers and the words travel and lovers. It is a difficult feeling to handle as their “nature” brings them all around the world, hence you will easily find and meet them everywhere.  You might be in front of a traveling lover without knowledging it, or you might be happily involved in one of their conversations, all you need to know is that traveling lovers will never compromise when it comes to their beliefs. Traveling lovers believe that their trips around the planet are made possible because they prioritize their lives and needs in a way that their love and curiosity for different cultures and new cities will never suffer any limitation upon other silly daily life necessities. Traveling lovers will always deny that they have “just money”.Traveler lovers will tell you that they prefer spending 200 pounds for a weekend in Praga than for a tattoo. This is what they might stress to you and you must not give to them any credit or trust. Their concept of priorities is not based on values, but on cause and consequences: they will go on holiday to Praga while you don’t. Once there, luck will be on their side as they find a quirky shop for a cheap vintage tattoo. They will go on holiday and they will also have a tattoo, while you don’t.

Traveling lovers have money to spend, but unfortunately, they will never use it to treat their identity issues, because according to their beliefs, visiting Barcellona is one of their priority. And this is why you will spot them on vacation as tourists, while they don’t like to be recognized or identify as such. They will pretend to take pictures in front of the most famous building in the city with no enthusiasm or in a sneaky way, as their desire is to ape the locals. They are not tourists, they are traveling lovers. You can see them hiding their maps and cameras under their shirts and rucksacks, hoping that someone will finally understand who they really are.

There is only one kind of travelers I love: immigrants. In this worldwide connected planet where if you pluck a flower, the stars will know, why not decide to become an immigrant? Why look for a pineapple, if you can be the pineapple? Move your ass outside your country and get a tattoo.





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