In another. life I will be a counselor for everyone who needs help. Anyone in nature, but humans. Here some of my precious advice and my first clients.

Dear Carla. I am the sunshine. This is the first time I ask for help down to Earth. I have noticed that during spring and summer time, there is something down there that keeps staring at me. What is it? Usually humans can only look at me properly with sunglasses. I am sure that thing does not have sunglasses.  His or her obsession with me starts freaking me out. Please help.

Dear sunshine. It’s the sunflower. This kind of flowers will follow you across the sky. I want also reassure  you that sunflowers don’t wear sunglasses. Keep shining.

Dear Carla, I am the rose. I am 5 years old, delicate scent with slim white petals. For unknown reasons I don’t have any thorns yet. This is really embarrassing me. I also think this is the reason why people  enjoy plucking my petals. They all seem to repeat the same weird words to me, while they do it. Why do you think they do this to me?

We might need to arrange a visit in person as I suspect you are a daisy. Roses are usually red. If what you hear is “she loves me, she loves me not” you are definitely a daisy.

Dear Carla, I am a lucky ant that lives in the biggest ant community under the big oak in Cambridge. In this period I feel a bit down because it seems that no one cares about my new ideas. Last week I proposed to collect all the leaves in a different way. Instead of just pilling them up in the store room, I proposed we should manage to recreate a tree with all the leaves we find outside. I proposed a big palm but I don’t think they will start doing it.

Dear  lucky ant. Unfortunately  I haven’t see your community as I live in Leeds. Your idea seems to me very original and it deserves recognition. A palm might occupy more space than just pilling leaves up. Your friends might agree with you with the time. Try to propose something smaller. Like a four leaf clover. Good luck with that.

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